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Apple reeling from courtroom blow – Infringes on three MobileMedia Ideas patents

In what will be seen as a major blow to the US tech company, Apple has been handed down a verdict by jurors in Wilimington, Delaware, stating that they have infringed on three patents with their iPhone device. The case was brought forward by MobileMedia Ideas LLC, a patent-licensing firm, stating that Apple had misappropriated protected technology. The trail lasted a week and witnessed jurors deliberating for roughly four hours on December 14, 2012, before coming to a decision.

MobileMedia stated that they were not in the litigation business and all they wanted was to be paid a royalty if their patents were to be used in the iPhone. They went on to say that the company would face ‘irreparable damage’ if Apple were to use their patents without paying them a commission and they felt that the result of the court proceedings were justified.

Chief Executive Officer for MobileMedia Ideas Larry Horn said that the trial on damages could be substantial; however it has not yet been scheduled by US District Judge Sue L. Robinson. According to Horn, his company has a portfolio of roughly 300 patents and the ones in question currently were related to the camera phone, as well as call rejection and handling.

Apple has been in the throes of patent-related battles with companies around the world and has not commented on the current verdict as yet.

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