Auto review – Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and is also the first compact crossover SUV that made its debut in the mid 1990’s. RAV stands for Recreational Active Vehicle (the 4 indicates a four wheel drive).  The RAV4 which has been running for three generations and will see a redesign in a new model that launches in 2013. Toyota hopes to make a styling statement with the new design.

The design for the new vehicle is quite attractive, as compared to the previous generations of RAV4’s. It has better fuel economy, more space, two extra airbags, six-speed transmission and other such features. What truly sets the new RAV4 apart is the rear of the vehicle. The earlier models came with a spare tire on the tailgate of the SUV and a traditional side-mounted gate; this has now changed. The rear tire as well as the traditional side-mounted gate is now gone.

The Toyota RAV4 looks more aggressive and bold from the front. The changes that Toyota has made to their RAV4 are quite dramatic and the car company predicts that the sale of its new model will go up by 25 percent in days to come.

 The pricing for the new model starts at $24,145. Midsize cars and crossovers are two of the hottest segments in the auto industry as of today. With competition from Ford, Honda and even German luxury car companies, Toyota hopes to break through to the top with the new design of the RAV4.

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