Slimmer more advanced Google Nexus 7 to be released in 2013?

Google may be in the process of readying the middle-sibling in its Nexus line of Android devices. The newer and slimmer Nexus 7 is rumored to release in the first quarter of 2013. According to sources, the company’s move to go for a slimmer device was because of Asus’ new technology, the GFF (glass-film-film) touch screen provided by Chinese company O-Film Tech.

The new move (if it is to be believed) is a smart one, considering the wants of users today. Nobody wants a heavy gadget around them (something that is making desktops go redundant). It is also rumored that with the introduction of the new GFF technology the manufacturing costs also shall reduce. This is good news for users, as there is a bright chance that prices for the Google Nexus 7 may fall. Sources say that the Nexus 7 may cost as low as $99 (though the pragmatic realm of the prices should be between $129 and $149).

The new GFF technology in the Nexus 7 could also help correct display errors and other issues that were reported by the owners of Google’s first generation tab. The original Nexus 7 was unveiled in June, 2012 and has proved quite popular owing to its low price tag and its advanced technology.

With hardly any time in hand users are hoping that the Nexus 7 rumors are true.

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