New Toshiba camera allows post process refocussing

A camera in smartphones and tablets is the one thing that every user needs nowadays. The latest news to hit the camera world is Toshiba’s new camera. Toshiba’s Lytro-style camera will allow photos captured on smartphones and tablets to be refocused. This is a relatively new concept and one that would open many doors in days to come.

The Lytro-style camera features a complex lens which would create data-dense adjustable images. The camera which is expected to go commercial in 2013, captures 500,000 pictures in a single-take, thanks to the identical number of lenses in front of the sensor where each lens takes a shot with slightly different focus settings. The resulting image can be refocused to any one of the 500,000 focal settings. The end result post-capture frame can be adjusted to one of those settings, to give a crisper and sharper image.

Toshiba says that their camera can also be used for video capture and even this function allows greater flexibility. The new camera lenses are .03 mm in diameter and are arranged in front of a sensor that is 5 x 7 mm in size. The overall size of the module is roughly 1 cm square.

With such superior technology, Toshiba is definitely going to push phone and tablet manufacturers.

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