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BlackBerry Z10 does not break any barriers but performs well

BlackBerry has been the focus of everyone’s attention of late, the phone company has been trying to make a comeback into the world of smartphones for a while now and has delayed the release of its latest operating system by a year already. On January 30, 2013, the company finally released the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, as it hopes to make a mainstream reappearance.

The phone itself is not visibly any better or worse than the slew of other smartphones on the market. It has a 4.2-inch screen and looks similar to the iPhone from a distance. Research In Motion has renamed itself to BlackBerry in the hopes of avoiding confusion between the company and the phone that it produces, however this ploy may not save the company after all.

Internally the BlackBerry 10 software performs the jobs of communication and running applications well. In fact applications seem to load faster on this platform than on the iPhone, it is also easier to operate than most Android devices. This phone can also be operated with one hand, which gives users some leverage while travelling.

The BlackBerry Z10 does not have a physical keypad, which was to be expected, but could fall out of favor with previous customers of the company. These customers will be on the lookout for the BlackBerry Q10, which has a physical keypad and will be out this spring. The Z 10 will most likely be released in March 2013 for around USD 200.

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