New IBM power and storage servers to start shipping from February 20, 2013

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) are set to unveil a new range of servers later in February 2013. The new storage range and Power System server will be targeted at emerging markets and small and medium businesses (SMBs). The move is seen as a response to growing competition in the segment from Hewlett Packard and Oracle.

According to Rod Atkins, who is a senior vice president of the Systems and Technology department in IBM, cloud and data technology that was once out of the reach of the general public is now available to the masses. This has led IBM to push forward aggressively in the power and storage server departments.

The Power Server range will be priced at around USD 5,947 and will contain the IBM Power7+ chips. These servers are significantly cheaper than the competition and IBM hopes to make this fact count in their favor.  The new range of servers are set to have good specs, with the optional PowerVM, along with 16-core processors.

The new server range will run on Linux distributions such as Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. Small businesses will be interested in the Power Express 710, 720, 730 and 740. These will also benefit emerging markers in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The new IBM server range will start shipping from February 20, 2013.

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