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HTC to fix various issues in Droid DNA with new update

The HTC Droid DNA will be receiving a major update, according to industry sources. The smartphone was launched in 2012 and will be receiving improvements in audio quality, bug fixes, as well as user-reported problems. There has been no date set on when the upgrade would take place, but it will be welcomed by those who own the device.

Among the changes that will take place, wireless internet connectivity would be improved, Hotspot connectivity and the default device browser wold be enhanced as well. Apart from certain bug fixes, Bluetooth connectivity and volume level adjustments would be made as well. These adjustments would include audio quality improvements for the headset and the ear piece.

Earlier messages were prone to showing an incorrect timestamp. This issue would be fixed with the new released, along with the Enhanced Recent Apps function. Contact lists would be improved and Hulu Plus videos would also be supported on the device. However, on the down side, the platform upgrade would only leave users at Android’s 4.1 release, rather than the 4.2 Jelly Bean version. 

With the competition in the hand-held device segment heating up, HTC would be banking on its Droid DNA updates to generate some buzz for the device, or risk losing out on some key business.

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