Zendesk latest in line of online companies to be compromised by hackers

The spate of online attacks against prominent companies continues, as Zendesk’s systems were breached, according to reports on February 22, 2013. According to Mikkel Svane, who is the CEO of the company, Zendesk had been hacked, putting their customer’s personal information at risk. The cloud-based help desk houses various customer support portals being used by business’ around the world.

According to a statement from Svane, the hackers compromised information belonging to three of their customers. He was not very elaborate in his words, but had to say the following, “As soon as we learned of the attack, we patched the vulnerability and closed the access that the hacker had.” He went on to say that the hackers had access to information from certain customers, whom he refused to name.

Social networking sites Twitter and Tumblr were singled out to be two properties that had been affected as a result of the breach, however it was not confirmed whether passwords were stolen. Zendesk apparently did not know that a hack had taken place and only came to know after they were informed.

Twitter informed its customers that no passwords were compromised, however contact information that was submitted at the time of filling forms could have been leaked. This information includes email and phone numbers.

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