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Nokia apprehensive of putting out QWERTY phone

Phone manufacturers Nokia, have slowly been digging themselves out of a hole, created by the advent of smartphones. Nokia were once world-leaders in mobile phones, but were then unseated by the coming of the Android and iOS platforms. Now the company is thinking twice before it jumps into making a phone with a QWERTY keypad, over fears of rejection from touchscreen enthusiasts.

According to Jo Harlow, who is the executive president of Smart Devices, Nokia is a bit apprehensive of taking its new-found Windows Phone 8-based success to physical keypad-based phones. Now the number of devices running Windows Phone 8 in the Nokia stables has increased to 5, with the addition of the Lumia 720 and the Lumia 520. This collaboration with Microsoft has made the difference, as the Symbian OS, which was Nokia’s trademark is not suitable for smartphones.

Nokia will be looking with interest towards BlackBerry’s upcoming Q10, which will have a physical keypad. If this phone succeeds in making waves, Nokia could proceed with some confidence. Not that the current Nokia phones are lacking in any department. The current Windows-based phones have had a very good response.

Apart from Nokia, other phone manufacturers will also be thinking of their next step, as people are slowly getting weaned onto touchscreen smartphones and other hand-held devices.

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