Patch Tuesday to usher multiple Microsoft security updates

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday will see a host of security vulnerabilities that will be fixed. According to media reports, there will be seven security bulletins that will be released next week. Of these, there will be 4 critical updates and 3 important ones. 

One of the most important updates that will be released would be those related to a risk of remote code execution. This will affect all systems, right from Windows XP SP3 all the way up to Windows 8. Internet Explorer will also find itself a victim of this exploitable vulnerability.

There are other security risks on the horizon. These are related to the Microsoft Office Filter Pack and Visio. Silverlight will also need to be patched, as there is a critical vulnerability that has been detected in the software.

A privilege execution flaw has also been detected in Microsoft SharePoint, which is the company’s content management server system. Microsoft Office for Mac is also not spared. There are security flaws that have been detected for the Mac 2008 and Mac 2011 versions of Office for Mac. People using Microsoft OneNote will do well to patch their systems with the ‘important’ rated update.

Patch Tuesday has now become the designated day for Microsoft to release important updates for its customers. The company’s operating systems and other products are the most widely used in the world and are therefore subjected to constant risks.

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