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Gears of War: Judgement will push Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has found favor with Jim Brown, who is the lead designer at Epic Games. Brown has thrown his weight behind Microsoft’s console, saying that it still has some firepower that has not yet been explored.

Brown said that Epic Games has always pushed the boundaries of gaming with its Gears of War series. When the team took the step from Gears 1 to Gears 2, there were many changes that were introduced. A similar thing happened when Gears 2 transitioned to Gears 3, as there were improvements made to the Unreal Engine 3.

Now ‘Gears of War: Judgement’ will push the Xbox 360 into some uncharted territory. Waylon Brinck, who is the art director for People Can Fly also said that the company is undertaking technically superior tasks with its latest release.

Brinck went on to say that the environment for the new games will be quite dense, there will be more particles and more enemies as well, as compared to previous games. Another aspect that has changed is the rendering engines, which allow for brighter and darker lights and other such changes.

The mood of ‘Gears of War: Judgement’ will be quite rich and dark, according to Brinck. The new game will be out for the Xbox 360 on March 19, 2013.

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