Breathometer to detect blood-alcohol levels via iPhone

People who enjoy a drink now and then will feel good to know that an iPhone app that will test their breath for alcohol content is just around the corner. The Breathometer will be the first breathalyzer that will allow users to check their blood-alcohol level (BAC) from their own phones.

The new invention will come with an external attachment that will fit easily onto a key-ring and plug into the audio jack of the iPhone. Crowdfunding website Indiegogo is being used to raise money for the development of the app and device. The attachment is said to be unobtrusive, compact and easy to grab hold of when needed.

While using the device, one would need to blow into the device when it is connected to the iPhone. This will then allow it to use the software to detect the concentration of blood-alcohol.

A record of the readings could then be stored on the device, this would make it easier for one to chose an appropriate time to get behind the wheel again. With contributions of USD 20 or higher, people would be able to receive their very own Breathometer.

The new invention would come in handy for those who would like to have a night out on the town and intend on driving home afterwards.

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