Kansas to get access to Google Fiber

People living in Olathe, Kansas will surely be considering themselves to be lucky. Internet search engine giant Google is planning on allowing residents of the city to apply for their Google Fiber internet service. According to the company, this will allow users to access the internet up to 100 times faster than traditional methods.

Connection speeds for the new service will allow for speeds of 1 GB upload and download respectively. The proposition comes on the heels of approval from the local council of Olathe. The internet company said that with the addition of Google Fiber, jobs and local businesses will grow. Kansas will now attract more residents and business opportunities, even though it is already growing at a fast rate.

Olathe has been dubbed the ‘Silicon Prairie’ and once the new technology makes an appearance things are set to get easier for the residents. There are technical hurdles that will need to be crossed though, along with planning and infrastructure changes. However, once construction gets underway, Google will release plans and a timeline as well.

The Federal Communications Commission has been talking to the US government to bring gigabit Ethernet connections to communities in all states by the year 2015. This will help in boosting local economy and getting innovators access to exposure on the national stage.

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