Intel releasing slew of powerful next-gen processors

Fans of the computer chip manufacturer Intel will be glad to know that the company has started shipping its next generation chip known as the ‘Haswell’. The new chip will significantly reduce battery utilization and is being hailed as the most power-efficient processor till date. However, there is a bug that has already been detected in the chipset that accompanies the processor.

The new chip is the fourth generation processor has started shipping to customers and will be launched a little later on in this quarter. There is the IDF Beijing conference coming up next week, where the company is expected to make a statement about the chip. The new processor will power hybrid devices including ultrabooks and tablet-laptops.

The ‘Haswell’ is built around a microarchitecture which significantly improves battery life as compared to previous generations of chips, according the Paul Otellini, who is the CEO of Intel.

Apart from the Haswell chip, Intel will also be releasing the next generation of Atom chips that can be used in tablets, known as the ‘Bay Trail’. These are quad-core chips which double the performance of the ‘Clover Trail+’, which is the current processor for tablets. The ‘Merrifield’ chip for smartphones are also to start shipping by the end of the year.

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