Liquid Robotics sets Wave Glider SV3 out on high seas

Liquid Robotics is a company that is on the cutting edge of robot technology. Recently the company set a world record for the longest distance covered by a robot over the Earth’s surface and now they have unveiled their latest technology known as the Wave Glider.

The new technology allows for a floating server rack on the surface of the ocean, which transmits data via a variety of on-board sensors, back to mainland researchers. The data can be captured, analyzed and processed on board the floating server farm.

The Wave Glider SV3 is capable of traversing the world’s seas for months at a time and makes use of a hybrid propulsion system. The ensemble can also run on the energy generated by solar power or even waves, which allows for it to be flexible.

There are various industries that would be interested in the floating technology, these include fisheries, oil companies, coast guards, the gas industry and even the military. Many different users can make use of the technology at the same time, as it has been designed along the lines of a data centre. Most of the processing will take place on-board and as a result only analysed data will need to be sent back to the mainland, which will not require much bandwidth or power.

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