Microsoft could delay Office for Android and iOS until 2014

Microsoft has enjoyed great success with its Office range of products. This software has often been the sole reason why many companies prefer to go for a Windows-based platform for their office environment. Although Android and iOS are fast-growing platforms, Microsoft has been holding back on the next release of Office for these systems. Industry sources now allege that the company will only release the next version of Office for Android and iOS in the fall of 2014.

The Gemini updates, which include the Office range of products for touchscreen devices will reportedly release on October 2013. The next big Gemini update (1.5) is scheduled for April 2014, according to industry sources. The next version of Office for Mac will probably be out with this Gemini release. These updates will allow for a ‘large screen experience’, which means that multi-touch options on big displays would be enhanced.

Even though testing for Outlook RT is in progress both inside and outside the company, Microsoft may only release an RT version of Outlook in October 2014. The Windows RT version of Mail is not the most captivating piece of software and the company will do well to get Outlook on this platform.

Another reason for delaying the release of an Android and iOS version of Office could be that Microsoft is trying to maximise the profits of its Surface tablets.

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