Iranian scientist claims to predict the future with new time machine

Although it seems too good to be true, a scientist from Tehran says that he has created a time machine that will be able to predict the future. The machine is called ‘The Aryayek Time Travelling Machine’ and has been registered with the Centre of Strategic Inventions.

The 27-year-old inventor said that the device uses complex algorithms to print out the future of individuals with up to 98 percent accuracy. Ali Razeghi has created the new device and is also the managing director of Iran’s state-run Centre for Strategic Inventions. Razeghi also has 179 inventions in his name and has reportedly been working on the time machine for the last 10 years.

The invention could be used by the government to predict future wars and confrontations, according to Razeghi. He also went on to say that the device is the size of a personal computer. The time machine would not take people into the future, rather it would bring the future to people in the form of a printout.

Many people have allegedly criticised the invention, saying that Razeghi is trying to play God, but he is being optimistic about its use. Currently the machine is in the prototype phase and is not being publically manufactured, as it could prove to be a risky proposition for the Iranian government.

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