Barnes & Noble allows access to Google Play for Nook devices

Tablet manufacturer Barnes & Noble has now given in to market pressure and has provided access to Android apps for its Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets. The company has added access for users to access Google’s Play Store on its tablets. This also includes free software updates, including the Chrome web browser.

The update is available from May 2, 2013, for download from and will be rolled out to devices in the upcoming days. through an over the air Wi Fi update. In recent times, Barnes & Noble has received positive response to its device, but has faced stiff competition from Apple, Google and Amazon, who have also released their tablets in the market during the holiday season.

Looking at its price point and hardware, the product does not stand out too much, but its apps have always lagged behind the competition, even as it works hard to expand its app store. However, such a drawback can force consumers to think twice before buying.

Moreover, a representative of Barnes & Noble says that the Nook Store will continue to co-exist side by side with the Google Play Store and users will be able to import their bookmarks from the older browser to the new Chrome browser.

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