Google to unveil subscription music service

Search engine giant Google  is expected to launch a subscription music-streaming service. This service is expected to be launched as early as this week as it will help the company to compete with other popular apps like Spotify.

Media reports claim that three major record labels have reached an agreement with the search engine, so that songs can be licensed to the new service. It is also expected that this service might be announced later on May 15, 2013 at the I/O conference  for developers which is being held in San Francisco.

With this new venture of search engine in music, it will help the company create a stronger position in the mobile software platform. With it, iOS and Android users who are used to Chrome, Gmail and Google Maps now have another reason to install an app which is branded by Google. Google’s main rival in the UK will be Spotify, which is currently listing more than 6 million paying subscribers and 24 million active users in about 28 countries.

The company’s plan to unveil the new service was reported earlier by Wall Street Journal. Apple is also planning a music service  which will challenge Spotify in streaming and Pandora in web based radio.

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