Google introduces Knowledge Graph

Senior vice president of Google, Amit Singhal announced the end of search as everyone knows it at 2013 I/O podium. However, most search enhancers he mentioned do not actually end search, but they actually pinpoint to new ways to interact with information.

The knowledge graph technology organizes information by its relationship to other bits of information. The search engine is also planning to kick its knowledge graph up a notch, as they go forward. Singhal also mentioned that Knowledge Graph now contains more than 750 million entries and it also grows to become more powerful every day.

For instance, when a user Googles the population of Poland, then it predicts that the user might also want to know about the population of nearby places and countries. Moreover, the search engine will use the data in order to create visual graphics with all the comparable data and trendlines, which is similar to how Wolfram Alpha organizes data.

The knowledge graph features eight languages and will also be brought to Turkish and Polish, along with traditional and simplified Chinese. Google Search will also incorporate questions which are based on past Google searches or keywords in the emails. Google Now also received an improvement with new Cards and Powerful new Reminder functionality.

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