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Jolla announces launch of first Sailfish OS smartphone

Mobile manufacturer Jolla announced the launch of its first smartphone, which will show off its Sailfish Operating System on a 4.5-inch screen. The device will be known as just Jolla for now and is powered by a dual-core processor and has an 8-megapixel camera.

The company was founded by former Nokia employees, who wanted to continue with the development work the Finnish company had done on MeeGo OS. With this latest development, the company has taken a major step closer to entering the ultra-competitive smartphone market. The device has 16 GB of integrated storage, which can be expanded with an SD card.

The phone has been designed to look as it has two thin slabs which have been bonded together. Users will have an option to change the color of the black one with different snap-on covers. However, the hardware of the device is not important, but what matters is the company’s reason for existing, the Sailfish operating system.

The company is confident that the new OS will lure users away from other competing platforms. In order to boost the availability of apps, the OS will be able to run Android applications. The phone will be priced at €399 and will begin shipping during the fourth quarter of 2013.

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