Google to withdraw Checkout in 2013

Search engine giant Google is all set to retire its payment processing tool known as the Checkout, on November 20, 2013. The company has warned the retailers that they will have to move to a different payment processing platform.

Google launched the payment processing platform in 2006, which was merged with Wallet, a mobile payments tool, in November 2012. This product from Google aimed to take on eBay’s PayPal service, which dominates the web-based payments. The search engine also said that it has partnered with Braintree, Freshbooks and Shopify, which will offer discounted options for the retailers that have not yet selected any alternative payment processor. The company’s focus will be the Wallet and the developers will be moved to the Google Wallet Merchant Centre.

No changes will be made for consumers who will be using Wallet on sites like Priceline and Uber. Merchants in the US who have a new payment processor can apply for ‘Instant Buy’, feature of Wallet. Instant Buy was formerly known as “Google Wallet For Online Commerce”, which allowed customers to share their payment details with merchants.

Users of Wallet stores are also capable of storing the payment details and performing contactless payments with NFC-enabled  Android devices.

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