Apple to launch revamped iOS7 in the fall 2013

US-based iPhone manufacturing giant Apple has unveiled its much-anticipated iOS 7 on June 10, 2013. The new iOS 7 is an entirely revamped version of the mobile operating system. For now, the new operating system is available only for the developers in beta. In the upcoming weeks, it will also become available for iPhone and iPad.


The latest OS will have a general launch in the fall of this year for the iPhone 4 and up and the iPad 2. After that, the iPad mini, along with the fifth generation of iPad will take their turn. The recent update is the biggest change introduced to iOS since the iPhone. Design chief Jony Ive said in a demo video that the new iOS 7 is entirely new but also familiar at the same time.

Senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, Craig Federighi, presented a demo of iOS 7 which, according to him, has liveliness that will move and also track the motions of the user, allowing him to see behind the icons.

The messages replaces the grey background with a white one and they will be flatter instead of having the bubbled look users are accustomed to. Apple has also promised multitasking for all apps along with great battery life, as well as double tap and scroll through open apps.

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