Google’s Street View adds 1001 new destinations

Search engine giant Google’s popular service Street View has just gotten bigger, as it was announced on June 13, 2013, with new ground-level imagery for about 1001 destinations across the globe. The surprising part is that none of the destinations were covered before. With the introduction of the new data, the search engine is surely expanding its comprehensive Street View coverage to a variety of locations, ranging from historical landmarks to sports stadiums.


Google announced the update in a blog post, with program manager Deanna Yick highlighting some examples of the new imagery from various places across the globe which include Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and US. The camera-laden cars of the Mountain View company looked like they were left in the parking lot.

Much of the data was covered from off-road locations, which require the use of the Street View trike or specially designed Trekker backpack. The popular Marina Bay waterfront has also been recognized by Street View,  along with the city-state’s Fullerton Heritage Promenade.

Users can also make a virtual trip to the zoo. Special attention has been given to the East Coast of the United States, with new locations including the Isaac Bell House in Newport, Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford.

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