Aereo announces launch of internet streaming TV service on September 13, 2013

US-based tech company Aereo has just announced its streaming TV service which will be launched in Chicago on September 13, 2013. The new announcement by the company comes one month after the Atlanta launch details were revealed.


After the service is launched in Chicago, it will be launched in four more biggest cities of the country, which will serve network television to up to 12 million Americans. Chet Kanojia, CEO and founder of Aereo, said, “There’s no place like Chicago and we’re excited to be launching in this world-class city in September”.

The CEO went on to say that customers now demand more choices and flexibility when it comes to how they watch TV and that they also received an enthusiastic response to their technology from people from across the country. Kanojia also said that at Aereo, they feel that they have built something meaningful for consumers and that they are proud of the work that they have accomplished.

Chicago will mark the fourth service area for Aereo, as the service first started in New York and quickly expanded to the surrounding areas. For the time being, without Aereo or any of its clones, TV is not available through Internet, however, that is exactly what the company intends to bring in the future.

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