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Google to launch Android-based console and a smartwatch

Following in the footsteps of major companies like Sony and Microsoft, search engine giant Google is planning to launch its game console and a smartwatch. Sources familiar with the development said that the company is planning to build an Android-based  game console, as well as some sort of smartphone.

google console

If this materializes, it will be a good step forward for the company and will also increase the competition on the market. The Android operating system of Google is already featured on games consoles Gamestick and Ouya. In terms of the wrist adornments, the company is apparently planning to catch up with Pebble Smartwatch, rumored Apple iWatch and smartwatch of Sony.

So far, the search engine has not commented on the development. For the time being, it cannot be speculated but it is very likely that Google might soon come up with the console. The search engine has been observing the progress of hardware like the Ouya,  according to the Wall Street Journal. For now, the Ouya game console is out and has been listed on The Amazon UK  is offering  a three-week delivery turnaround,  but said that the stock is available.

The Gamestick, Ouya, Pebble Smartwatch all started as projects at the crowdfunding website known as the Kickstarter.

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