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Google’s mystery Motorola Phone to be launched?

Rumors are still circulating that search engine giant Google will be announcing a new flagship Motorola Android smartphone. Reports say that this will be the first all-new design offered since Google closed the Motorola Mobility purchase in 2012. There are endless speculations regarding the device specifications, as nothing has been confirmed yet.


Starting with the name, some say that it will be called Moto X and that Verizon might sell the phone with the name Droid Maxx or Droid Ultra. Sprint is reportedly testing a version of the phone for its network. It is also very likely that Motorola might develop a GSM version of the device for AT&T, T-Mobile and rest of the world.

Additional reports have said that the phone will come with a lightweight carbon-fiber back cover which customers will be able to engrave and personalize. There are also possibilities that the company might offer different colored outer shells which will allow customers to choose from and also assess the hardware possibilities, according to pictures floating around the internet.

All of this is possible, as Motorola has been touting that the new phone has been designed in the US and will actually be made in the US. If this materializes, then Motorola users will become first users to customize their smartphone.

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