Microsoft announces price cut for Surface RT by 30 percent

Tablet manufacturer Microsoft has cut the price of its Surface RT tablet by around 30 percent in the UK. The 32 GB variant will now be selling for £279.99. The company reduced the price of both the 32 GB variant, as well as the 64 GB variant by around £120 and the latter will be retailing for £359.


A spokesperson for Microsoft said that the price cut will help the company to capitalize on the success of similar pricing promotions in other parts of the world. The spokesperson said, “We’ve been seeing great success with pricing and cover promotions over the past several months on Surface RT in the US and other markets”.

The spokesperson also went on to say that people who buy Surface love Surface and that they are thrilled about all additional people sharing their excitement for Surface with other people. In the last few months, Microsoft has been offering significant discounts on the tablets at its developer and user conferences, with many people waiting for several hours to get one.

News of the price cut has fueled speculations that Microsoft is trying its best to increase the sales for the device, which the company’s CEO Steve Ballmer said were ‘modest’ back in November 2012.

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