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Apple to launch larger screens for iPhone and iPad?

Recent reports have claimed that the US tech giant Apple is testing larger screens for its flagship devices, iPhone and iPad. With this latest move, the company might be trying to follow in rival Samsung’s footsteps. Apple is now working with its suppliers and is testing the iPhone with screens bigger than 4 inches and an iPad with a screen which measures slightly less than 13 inches diagonally.

apple screen

On the other hand, during Steve Jobs’ time at Apple, the company refused to increase the size of the 3.5-inch display, which was found on the early editions of the iPhone, despite its rivals releasing devices with larger screens than 4 inches. However, the scenario changed a year ago, when the iPhone 5 was introduced and featured a 4-inch screen.

Media reports have claimed that if everything works out well, then the company might roll out an iPhone with a screen which is larger than the one it has now and also a larger size-iPad sometime after the next versions of the devices.

Reports have also stated that the company has already begun production of the iPhone and suppliers have been told to get ready to ship units in late August 2013.

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