Google to introduce faster Wi-Fi access at Starbucks

Search engine giant Google is all set to replace AT&T Wi-Fi in Starbucks stores as the coffee chain is working on increasing network speeds for its loyal customers. Google will be providing Wi-Fi systems inside Starbucks stores by introducing new high-speed service.


The company claims that the speed will be ten times faster than the existing AT&T systems, which will soon be replaced. The deal to replace Wi-Fi systems is for 7,000 company-owned Starbucks stores across the United States.

The replacement of the service was announced by Kevin Lo – general manager of Google Access – in a July 31, 2013 post on the company’s official blog. Starbucks stores are located in communities which have super-high-speed Google Fiber service and will get in-store Wi-Fi connections which are even faster and can be up to 100 times that of existing speeds.

On the blog, Lo wrote, “Coffee shop and Internet — it’s a pairing that many of us have come to rely on. WiFi access makes work time, downtime, travel time and lots of in-between times more enjoyable and productive.” The general manager also said that this is why they are teaming up with Starbucks, in order to bring faster and free Wi-Fi connections to the company’s stores in the next year and a half.

Photo Credits: IB Times

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