Microsoft announces price cut of Surface Pro in Europe

US-based software giant Microsoft announced that it has cut the price of its Surface Pro in the European market. The Surface Pro was launched in May 2013 in Europe, but it could not be found anywhere on the continent for less than €770.


Initially announced for US buyers, the $150 price cut has now been announced for the European market as well. The price slash for the tablet was first introduced in North America in August 2013, but the price of Surface Pro was never changed in Europe. Microsoft stated that the changes have been made on its premium tablet in Europe and that the prices of both the 64GB version and 128GB version have been cut to around €100 less than at launch.

This means that the 128GB model will cost roughly the same as the 64GB model before the price cut was introduced. Moreover, the cost of Pro covers is also being reduced. In terms of pricing, Sweden is the costliest place in Europe to buy a Surface Pro and the 64GB version there now costs €109 less.

The price cut has been announced by the company, as Microsoft is attempting to improve the sales of Surface Pro across Europe.

Photo Credits: Windows Passwords

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