Surface 2 tabs to be deployed to Delta

Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet will soon become an accessory for the pilots of Delta Airlines. The airline on September 30, 2013 announced that it will be deploying its Surface 2 tab to 11,000 pilots. The recent decision has been made by the airline with a goal to become paperless and eliminate flight manuals which are currently used by the company’s pilots.


The deployment will begin by the end of 2013 and pilots who fly the Boeing 757 and the Boeing 767 fleets will be receiving the Surface 2 tabs. Meanwhile, all Delta cockpits are scheduled to become paperless by the end of 2014. The tablets – which will be used by pilots in order to do their job – will be pre-installed with charts, checklists and reference documents.

This also means that, from now on, aircraft crews will now not have to carry the 38-pound ‘flight bags’, which usually contain the material in paper form and need to be maintained onboard for every pilot. The reduction in weight will have a positive outcome, as it is expected to save fuel by an estimated 1.2 gallons annually and even the company’s paper usage will be reduced by 7.5 million sheets each year.

Captain Steve Dickson, the company’s senior vice president said, “Delta’s electronic flight bag running on Surface 2 continues the technological strides Delta has been making to give our crews the best tools to keep them flying safely and efficiently”. This will also help in minimizing the time spent looking for an information during the flight.

Photo Credits: GSM Arena

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