Foxconn confesses labor violation in China

Apple manufacturer Foxconn recently admitted labor violation at its China factory. The company admitted that student interns worked shifts at a Chinese factory, which was against its policies.


Foxconn manufactures products for some of the biggest companies in the world – including Apple – but in recent times, the company has been facing scrutiny for illegal labor practices. Foxconn admitted to hiring underage interns at the same factory in 2012. The company also said that actions were taken in order to bring the factory into full compliance with their code and policies.

In a statement the company said, “There have been a few instances where our policies pertaining to overtime and night shift work were not enforced”. Foxconn is owned by a Taiwanese group Hon Hai Precision and has about 800,000 workers all over the world. For consumers, the company might not be a household name, but is very popular among the tech giants including Sony, Apple, Microsoft, HP and Nokia.

In 2010, the factory faced criticism for its labor practices when 13 of its employees committed suicide at the plant itself in China. The incident raised concerns when it comes to working conditions in China and attracted attention to an increased number of labor strikes. The company responded to the controversy by increasing salaries and shortening working hours.

Photo Credits: Slash Gear

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