Google launches parental controls for Chrome Beta

Children nowadays are becoming tech savvy and are finding new ways to outsmart their parents. Search engine giant Google is now offering a new tool to parents which will help them to take control over their children’s use of technology.

Google launches parental controls for Chrome Beta

Google on October 22, 2013 added a new feature to the beta version of its browser Chrome, which is known as ‘supervised users’. The new feature will allow parents to keep an eye on the online activity of their children. The new tool will enable creation of various users and each individual user will have personalized restrictions.

This can be done by visiting in order to create a page for children. The site then has to be revisited to review a history of viewed sites, as well as to decide which pages should be allowed and which should be blocked, in addition to managing permissions. Each supervised user can browse websites which have not been blocked by the manager of the family.

Additionally, there are more advanced configurations which are available for rebellious teens. Pam Greene, a Google Software engineer said, “I enjoy sitting down with my daughter, watching her eyes light up at new favorites we find together on the Web”. In order to prevent adult content, SafeSearch filters have to be turned on by default for all supervised users.

Photo Credits: AndroidHeadlines

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