Microsoft displays huge Surface tablet in Trafalgar Square

The holiday season is slowly, but surely approaching and US software giant Microsoft is getting ready to celebrate with the release of its new tablets. The company found a new way to unveil its latest Surface Pro 2 by building a giant version of the tablet in Trafalgar Square, as well as calling Dizzee Rascal via Skype.

giant Surface

The huge tablet has a 26 x 17 feet screen and also features a working keyboard, which attracted local school children to try and play a spell game. The enormous device is powered by a Surface 2 and does not have anything else than USB and micro HDMI cables. The new devices in the Surface segment were revealed in New York in September 2013, but did not go on sale in the UK until October 22, 2013.

The Surface 2 has been priced at £359 for the 16 GB version and the Surface Pro 2 begins at £719 with 64 GB of memory. The new devices have improved battery life and surpass 2012 models when it comes to processing power and also feature re-designed kickstand which allows devices to be used more comfortably.

Both devices come with a 10.1-inch 1080p screen and the Surface 2 uses Nvidia’s Tegra 4 1.7GHz  processor, while the Surface Pro 2 uses Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell i5 chips.

Photo Credits: Mashable

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