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Sony has high expectations for PlayStation 4’s launch

The holiday season is almost here and Sony is all set to launch its much awaited PlayStation 4 console in the global market. As the timing of the launch approaches, the excitement is increasing as gamers cannot wait to get their own consoles to try out. Amid all the excitement, the company is said to be having high expectations for the new product, after it managed to achieve great success with PlayStation 4′ predecessors.


At almost the same time, Microsoft is also getting ready to launch its next-gen console, the Xbox One and the two companies are going to provide very tough competition in the market, as they will be releasing their latest gadgets within a difference of a week. In recent times, Sony announced that it is expecting a 40% decrease in earnings for 2013.

Other rivals – like Panasonic – are shifting their focus away from consumer electronics and the chief executive of Sony, Kazuo Hirai said that the main focus of the company will be on gaming. When it comes to the current consoles in the UK and the US, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are the two major competitors and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 managed to surpass PS3 in sales over the years.

Within two years of the release of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, Sony began developing its next-gen console.

Photo Credits: PC Advisor

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