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Apple rolls out iBeacon for iPhone and iPad

US-based phone manufacturing giant Apple announced that it has rolled out a new feature for iPhones and iPads and the company hopes that it will help in revolutionizing the way customers shop for its products. The new feature is called iBeacon and it uses local Bluetooth technology in order to track the location of consumers within Apple stores.

Apple ibeacon

The latest feature also offers relevant information about the product that customers are currently looking for on their devices. For example, if a user is in front of an iPad Air display, he or she can get information right away on their own phone about pricing and different features. If a user goes to the MacBook Pro section, the device will switch immediately and start showing model number and pricing information about MacBook Pros.

Apart from using the current location data in order to provide users with an updated shopping experience, the new feature can also be used to call over an employee to the location, in case a user needs help or wishes to buy an item instantly.

During the initial roll out, the feature will be used in Apple stores only. Meanwhile, a couple of other organizations are looking at ways to use the technology, which can be useful for notifying travelers about flight delays according to their terminal.

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