Google reveals new tool for users to create own Street View

US-based search engine giant Google revealed a brand new tool which will enable users to create a Street View of any place and then share it with the help of Google Maps. Users will be allowed to create a 360-degree virtual tour and this can be done by using photos taken by an Android phones or digital single-lens reflex camera.


The tool will enable users to connect different photos and once they are published, people will be able to navigate between them on Google Maps. The search engine giant said that the latest move will enable it to expand the reach, in addition to the uses of the map service. Google in a blog said, “We are excited to see the different types of Street View experiences that everyone will contribute”.

The blog post also stated that the feature can allow environmental non-profits to document, as well as promote the amazing places that they are working on protecting. Google went on to say that it is also a new tool for photographers who will be able to show diversity in a certain location, by weather conditions or cultural events.

In recent times, digital maps have become a key growth area which happened due to the growing popularity of gadgets, including smartphones and tablet PCs. Analysts say that Google has been looking to expand its presence even further.

Photo Credits: CBSI

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