Motorola Xoom Strongest Consumer Rival to the Apple iPad2

Gadget Herald: If one may think that the Apple iPad2 will have a really lavish time in selling itself throughout America, then it is time one may rethink and put some thought into this matter, as the Motorola Xoom tablet is strongest contender to the Apple iPad2 in the future. Even as Hp and BlackBerry have launched in their particular tablets, they are not as comparative as Xoom stands against the iPad2.

This clearly makes this statement genuine that, the iPad2 is surely not a one hit wonder for 2011. Motorola here, has already provided Apple a tough time in the smartphone market, and is now threatening them with its Xoom tablet PC. The Xoom is running on the latest Google Android Honeycomb operating system and a powerful dual core processor. In addition to this it is 3G enabled and will soon be launched in a 4G variant too.

Research analysts have quoted that the tablet opportunities above the iPad is always unclear, but one thing is for sure that the current and also the upcoming financial quarter for Apple’s iPad market will start drying up its sales. Now will Apple start switching gears to contain the upcoming Motorola Xoom, or will its sales be offended.

Source: Cnet

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