Hershey to print chocolates in 3D soon

The popularity of 3D printers is increasing on a daily basis and chocolate lovers might soon be able to say that they have tried 3D-printed chocolates. This might be possible in the near future due to The Hershey Company and 3D Systems, the 3D printing company.


The 3D printing company recently revealed that it has entered an agreement with Hershey to explore, as well as develop chocolate and non-chocolate products. William Papa, the Hershey Company’s head of research and development said that Hershey is open to new technologies, including 3D printing.

Papa explained, “We believe that innovation is key to delivering relevant, compelling consumer experiences with our iconic brands.” Even though details of the partnership between the two companies have not been disclosed, 3D Systems mentioned in a press release that they are looking to mainstream 3D printing.

The concept of printing chocolates might sound interesting, but the efficiency compared with modern chocolate production processes is a bit doubtful. However, the possibility of printing custom-design chocolates sounds like a good idea. There is a lot of hype around 3D printing but amidst all this, chocolate is something we can all taste without having to purchase a 3D printer ourselves.

Photo Credits: Trbimg

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