Kaspersky introduces safe Windows Phone browser

It has been noticed that Windows Phone is not a popular target for malware writers, thanks to its low market share, which in turn gives users a sense of security. On the other hand, if this is true or false is yet to be seen, but for now, the platform is considered to be free from any malware. Windows Phone – just like iOS – limits what users, as well as apps can do in order to increase security.


This might also be one of the reasons why malware is not running uncontrolled. However, the OS cannot keep users from visiting the dark sides of the Internet, or protect them from potential risks while doing do. Still, the Russian security company has decided to do something about the issue and help those users who navigate to unsafe or suspicious websites with the launch of the Safe Browser.

The description of the app says it will “help you browse the web safely and protect your personal or corporate data against theft”. Safe Browser can be used for casual, as well as for corporate environments where IT administrators can control the settings of the apps and adjust them to the policy of the company.

The security company did not provide any additional details on what makes Safe Browser a good choice for users.

Photo Credits: BetaNews

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