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Motorola Moto Maker to be available in new colors

Mobile phone manufacturers have started a new trend in order to maintain their position in the market. They now re-release their existing phones in new colour options in an attempt to attract more consumers. With this in mind, Motorola has brought back its Moto Maker with the new College Collection.

moto maker

The new College Collection has nine new back colours, along with three accent hues to the Moto Maker. The company has also launched a new gallery which has 43 pre-configured college designs with matching Uncommon cases with school logos which are printed on them. Motorola has stated that phones will be offered with a discount for students.

The company says that anyone with a valid .edu email address will be able to purchase an off-contract Moto X for $399, which is $60 less than the regular price of the X handset without a contract. The Moto Maker customization tool previously made available a wide range of options between the warm and cool colours, in addition to wood covers. The company is hoping that adding even more colours will surely attract new customers.

Moreover, the existing Moto X owners can get one of these colours on their device, may be in the form of a snap-on cover just like the Moto G has.

Photo Credits: Android OS

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