BatteryBox to charge portable devices, MacBooks

Battery backup has become a major issue these days and more companies are introducing new devices to power portable devices. BatteryBox is a new device which has the ability to power up to 8 portable devices at a time and can also run the MacBook Air for ten hours.


The new BatteryBox is all set to be launched in the fall 2014 and will come with a MagSafe 2 cord, which is the same that has been used on all modern MacBook Airs, as well as MacBook Pros. This allows users to power these laptops for an additional 6 to 10 hours of usage. The device has a USB port for smartphones and tablets.

BatteryBox needs about four and a half hours in order to reach 80 percent battery charge and about nine hours to reach its full capacity. Charging can be done through a Micro USB cable. Once the device is charged, BatteryBox can provide enough power to the MacBook for a full day’s work or can charge 8 iPhones to full capacity.

Android devices can also be supported, but the number of charges depends on the size of the battery. The best part is the small size of the Battery Box and it weighs half a pound and can fit into any purse.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends

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