Google planning to launch new Android TV platform

Search engine giant Google is planning to launch a brand new Android TV platform and will leave behind Google TV. Media reports say that the upcoming Android TV will be similar to other platforms like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, following the revelation of screenshots of the company’s new offering.

google TV

The screenshots in question showed a familiar interface and feature content creators like Netflix, which are mixed with various categories, like apps and games, which makes content easier to find. Reports also state that the new Android TV is easier to understand and more user-friendly. The screenshots showed some major changes from Google TV, which was very confusing.

The search engine in a document writes that Android TV is an entertaining interface and is all about finding and enjoying content with too much hassle. The document from Google also said that Android TV will be cinematic, fluid, fun and fast.

The upcoming Android TV will feature content from developers and will provide PlayStore to enable users to rent or purchase movies, TV shows and music. Moreover, the screenshots showed Google applications, like hangouts Google+ and YouTube and games like My Water and Temple Run.

Photo Credits: Phandroid

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