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New app Acompli launched to simplify email on smartphones

A new email application Acompli has been launched on April 24, 2014. The new app aims to simplify the email by making it easier for the users to use email while they are on the go. At present the app supports Gmail and Microsoft Exchange email accounts and has features for faster search and file discovery with a built-in calendar.


It allows the user to switch between the email and the calendar appointments without the need to exit the app. The CEO and Cofounder of Acompli, Javier Soltero said that the apps like Mailbox emphasize deferring messages but fail to improve the experience of using email on a mobile device. Soltero said, “Email is what ties these two worlds of personal IT and corporate IT together”.

The CEO also said that the app aims to solve the most common issues that the users face when they are using email on their smartphones. The worst issues include the switching of apps. The company so as to deal with such a problem has made a calendar in to the app that the users can check the calendar without leaving the email.

The application also allows faster file discovery by putting emails with the attachments in a separate section of the app.

Photo Credits: Techcrunch

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