Harvard graduate debuts Mink 3D makeup printer

Technology has become so advanced these days that it is now possible to print your own makeup. This can be a good news for those who love putting on makeup, especially girls.


A Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi introduced her new 3D printer, which does not just print makeup, but can also print any color you want. Users only have to grab a color code from an image and after they hook a small device to their computer, they will be able to access unlimited supply of lipsticks and eye shadows in a number of shades.

The latest device is called the ‘Mink’ printer and will cost $300. The price is quite reasonable when the cost of a normal printer and the money that you spend at the makeup counter are taken into consideration. Grace presented her invention at the Disrupt NY tech conference on May 7, 2014. She told the audience that the Mink printer creates products which can be compared to the offerings of some of the biggest and most popular labels. It uses the same quality of base ingradients which are used across the beauty industry.

The inventor of the device also expressed that the new Mink printer will prove to be a boom for the makeup industry.

Photo Credits: Tripletremelo

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