Xiaomi launches low-cost tablet, HDTV

The China-based smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi revealed its first tablet and an HDTV using the new 4K screen resolution standard during a press conference in Beijing. With the latest launch, the company offers a low-cost answer to some of the biggest companies in the market, like Apple, HTC and Samsung.


The Chinese company was previously known for selling smartphones at very discounted prices. The new products by the company also come with low prices, which is an old strategy used by the company to attract its customers. Xiaomi is also known for releasing in-demand consumer electronics products which usually come in limited quantities and are sold out online in record time.

Xiaomi launched its first tablet MiPad, which is similar to the iPad and will come in six colors. It costs $240 for the 16 GB version and $275 for the 64 GB version. Compared to that, Apple sells its 64 GB iPad Mini for $599. The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun said, “Xiaomi will become the best tablet for the Android system”. The next version of its MiTV will cost $645 and will have a 49-inch 4K HDTV which includes an external set of speakers.

The company has expanded to Singapore and Malaysia in 2014.

Photo Credits: AOL

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