Google develops 3D depths sensing tablets

Search engine giant Google says that it is reportedly developing a tablet which is capable of capturing and displaying three dimensional images of objects around it. The device is still being worked on but there are possibilities that 4,000 of the tablets might be released for the developers to work on.

The new Nexus 7 tablet is demonstrated during a Google event at Dogpatch Studio in San Francisco

The devices for the developers are likely to be released before the company’s annual conference in June, 2014. The tablet is expected to have a 7 inch screen and will have two back cameras with multiple infrared depth sensors and advanced software to capture 3D images. The device can be used for creating a step-by-step directions for the consumers when they shop at the retail store.

It will also help the visually impaired people with indoor navigation and create more immersive video games than the ones which are available today. However, the search engine has not yet released any official announcement. The new tablet is a part of the project by Google known as Project Tango in its Advanced Technology and Projects Group.

Tango had unveiled a new smartphone which allowed the users to create 3D maps earlier in 2014. Google had released 200 of such devices to the developers. The search engine has hopes that the developers can create apps to make the gadgets more useful for the consumers.

Photo Credits: Business Insider

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