Wikipad announces snap-on controller for iPad Mini

iPad to get more gaming oriented with Wikipad’s new snap on controller.

Tablet peripherals manufacturing giant Wikipad has launched a snap on controller for the iPad Mini, known as the Gamevice. The new MFi controller can be attached to the Apple tablet, bringing a more traditional gaming control feel to the device.

ipad mini

Some of the specifications of the controller include triggers, sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons and shoulder buttons. From the looks of the device it might look similar to the design of the Wii U gamepad.

The App store has a huge number of games but not much support has been provided in terms of quality attachable controls. Gaming on the tablet has become more mainstream and many still feel that touch controls are not enough for several games, thus limiting the variety of games which can be played on the iPad.

Wikipad announced the Gamevice in January and was designed to be used for Android and Windows 8 tablets. The support for an iOS device was something that the developers had hoped to add in the future.

Wikipad’s website has indicated that the Gamevice is now an iPad Mini exclusive.

But it is still not clear when the device will launch the support for Android and Windows devices. The Wikipad 7 was first released in 2013 a gaming focused tablet which ran on an Android OS.

Photo Credits: AOL

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