Mobile phones to be banned from all flights in and out of Britain

Passengers will have to ensure that their gadgets are fully charged before boarding a flight.

Ministers in the United Kingdom have announced that passengers flying to and from Britain will now face surprise anti-terror checks, passengers will have to prove at random that the gadgets they are carrying are in proper working condition.

mobile phones

The recent measure was introduced last week, but has been implemented now. So far, the measure was only applied to US flights, but now will be applicable to many more flights going in and out of the UK.

On July 8, 2014 the Department for Transport announced “on some routes both to and from the UK.”

So far the routes which are affected have not been disclosed for security reasons, but reports say that the flights to the Middle East and parts of Asia are likely to be affected. As the routes have not been named, all the passengers have to make sure to fully charge their devices before they leave for the airport or the gadgets will not be allowed inside the aircraft.

British Airways announced that passengers whose phone batteries are flat will still be able to board the flight without the device after they climbdown by the aircraft.

Photo Credits: smh

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